Herb Types and Taking Methods

Oriental herbs are rarely used alone in clinics. They are typically used in herbal formulas in accordance with multiple herbs to create maximal effectiveness. Knowledge tested throughout time proves that combining certain herbs will increase effectiveness, as well as decreased side effects during treatment.

The common forms of herbal formula are “tang” (in the form of decocted tea), “san” (in the form of fine powder), “wan” (in the form of pills), and “pian” (in the form of tablets). Normally, tang or san is the original form from which wan or pian is derived. Tang is the most effective form, but it involves individual formulation and decoction, a more intricate process.

Normally prescribed herbal medicine is taken in tea form. The human body is able to absorb herbal medicine in the form of tea most quickly and easily, which is why it is the most commonly used method. Sometimes if the smell or taste of herbal medicine is unpleasant, taking it in the form of capsule or tablet is recommended. Herbal teas should be warmed up prior to consumption, and capsules or tablets should be swallowed with warm water.