Problems During Periods

Pre-Menstrual Breast Distension

This is a very common problem occurring before the onset of a period. It can vary from mild to severe distension, with swelling, enlargement, hardness and pain. It is mostly caused by emotional stress (anger, repressed anger, frustration and resentment), overwork, too many children and irregular diet.


Headaches occurring during periods are extremely common. In fact, headaches in the majority of menstruating women are related to the menstrual cycle. When chronic headaches are associated with menstrual cycles, they are treated by regulating the menses and the uterus. Headaches may occur before, during, or after periods. The headaches occurring before the period are due to Qi and blood stagnation, those during the period are due to emotional stress, and headaches after periods are due to blood deficiency.


Edema at period time can affect the face, hands, lower legs and abdomen. It usually occurs before the period. It is caused by excessive physical work or emotional stress. Excessive physical work weakens the body, and the weak body fails to transform, transport, and excrete fluids. these fluids accumulate in the space between the skin and muscles, causing edema.

Prolonged emotional stress may lead to stagnation of Liver Qi, which does not flow freely and fails to promote the transformation of fluids throughout the body.


Diarrhea or loose stools tend to occur before, during or after each period. There are some main factors that may cause diarrhea at period time, including excessive work, irregular diet, emotional stress, and too many births within a short period of time.

Body Aches

Many women suffer from aches and pains in connection with the periods and these may occur before, during or after the period. There is a relationship between blood and body aches in women. Blood nourishes the sinews and muscles and keeps the tendons and joints supple. It also flows in the channels and, by nourishing and filling them, prevents invasions of external wicked Qi in them. If Blood is deficient, the channels are empty and therefore prone to external wicked Qi invasions.