Menstrual Irregularities

What Are Menstrual Irregularities?

Menstrual irregularities may involve many different aspects of menstruation, such as regularity of the cycle, duration of the period, amount of bleeding and pain, or the absence of menstruation altogether.

  • Early periods (the periods come consistently early)
  • Late periods (the periods come consistently late)
  • Irregular periods (the periods come sometimes early and sometimes late)
  • Heavy periods (the bleeding is heavy but contained within a normal time)
  • Scanty periods (the bleeding is scanty, a short period would be classified as a Scanty period)
  • Long periods (when it lasts well over 5 days but the bleeding is not heavy)
  • Painful periods
  • Bleeding between periods
  • Flooding and trickling (menorrhagia or metrorrhagia)

Diagnosis and Treatment

The main causes of irregularity may be emotional stress, malnutrition, excessive physical work, exposure to cold, too many births within a short time frame, kidney weakness, surgery, etc. Thus, the diagnosis of menstrual irregularities must be based on a careful analysis of the cycle, amount of bleeding, color and density of blood, clots and smell.

The main principle of treatment is to regulate the periods. This involves regulating Yin and Yang and Qi and Blood. Ultimately all menstrual irregularities can be attributed to a disharmony of Yin and Yang. We must harmonize Qi and Blood, tonify the Kidneys, strengthen the body and reduce the stress.