Amenorrhea (No Period)

Western medicine distinguishes between primary amenorrhea which occurs when a woman has not had a period by the time she is 18, and secondary amenorrhea, which occurs when woman has had periods but they have stopped for at least 3 months.

Obviously, the temporary interruption of the menses that occurs after childbirth and during breast-feeding is not considered amenorrhea, nor, similarly, is the stopping of the menses for 1 or 2 months as a consequence of sudden environmental or living condition changes.

In Chinese Medicine, having no periods for at least 3 months can be caused by two instances: amenorrhea from a deficiency condition and amenorrhea from an excess condition.

Amenorrhea due to deficiency is caused by body weakness (poor diet, hereditary weakness, overwork, excessive physical work or exercise)
Amenorrhea due to excess is caused by emotional stress (anger, frustration, resentment, hatred and irritation) and cold attacking.

How does it work?

Acupuncture, moxibustion and Oriental herbal treatment can:

  • Tonify body weakness
  • Boost the Qi energy
  • Nourish the essence
  • Enrich the blood
  • Promote ovulation
  • Warm the uterus
  • Strengthen Liver energy